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The Time Guardian starring Carrie Fisher on DVD

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Pray He's Not Too Late

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In the distant future, the human race nears extinction and a new race of beast-like creatures rule the earth. The few surviving people live in the City in the 24th century, a huge protected construction with the ability to travel in both space and time. The City travels back to our time to save humanity and evade the rampages of the Jen-Diki. Killer cyborgs bent on wiping them out.

The Time Guardian is notable for sci fi fans for the casting of two of its cast members Carrie Fisher and Dean Stockwell. For Carrie Fisher this is a non-Star Wars science fiction movie, if not the only one to feature her. As The Time Guardian involves time travel, Dean Stockwell will return to this territory more frequently in Quantum Leap.

So get set for heart pounding excitement and fantastic laser battles in this special effects filled spectacular of the ultimate conquest of earth.

Color, 89 minutes, dolby stereo,1989

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The Time Guardian starring Carrie Fisher on DVD

Pray He's Not Too Late

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