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Movie Poster Reefer Madness 17x22 special poster Release 1972

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Women cry for it, men die for it!

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This poster is from 1972, when this movie was re-released by New Line Cinema to theaters for use in midnight shows (this supposedly serious 1930s movie was hilarious when shown to 1970s potheads)! The movie was shown along with "Martian Space Party", a 1972 Steve Gillmore movie from "The Firesign Theatre". Poster is rolled, not folded, and in mint condition.

A 1972 Re-Release Unfolded Special Movie Poster (measures 17 1/4" x 22 1/4" [44 x 57 cm])

Reefer Madness, the 1936 Louis J. Gasnier marijuana marihuana pot weed drug thriller ("marijuana drugs, Weed from the Devil's garden!"; "One moment of bliss, a lifetime of regret!"; "Hunting a thrill, they inhaled a drag of concentrated sin!"; "Wake up America! Here's a roadside weed that's fast becoming a national high-way!"; "Women cry for it, men die for it!"; "What actually happens!"; "Never before such exciting frankness"; "A Daring Theme!"; "Dope-created ecstasy avalanching into frightful perversions"; "Makes Beasts of Men & Women"; "Adults only") starring Dave O'Brian, Dorothy Short, Carlton Young, Kenneth Craig, and Lillian Miles. Note that drug and mature movies like these were extremely popular in "late night" showings at small town theaters throughout the 1940s, and they were often re-issued and re-named multiple times. In the case of this movie, it was re-issued under titles such as "The Burning Question" and "Tell Your Children", each time with lurid images and taglines!

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Movie Poster Reefer Madness 17x22 special poster Release 1972

Women cry for it, men die for it!

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