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The Rejuvenator DVD

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The Fountain of Youth for the Living Dead.

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A rich actress who has gotten too old for leading roles employs a scientist who is working on a formula for eternal youth. The formula involves withdrawing certain fluids from the human brain. She takes the serum, but its unforseen side effects turn her into a murderous monster.

Would you risk everything to be young again? Would you willingly be a guinea pig in an experiment to reverse ageing? Juvenatix's answer to this is yes. And the result is a Jekyll and Hyde type tale where the guinea pig in question keeps changing from a young female into a hideous monster with an urge to kill. The special effects in this movie are well worth seeing , especially the part were she transforms for the last time.

Starring Vivian Lanko, John Mackay, James Hogue, and Katell Pleven.

1988, fullscreen, in color, 90 minutes, Dolby Surround

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The Rejuvenator DVD

The Fountain of Youth for the Living Dead.

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