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STANLEY Special Edition on DVD

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Stanley will make your skin crawl.

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A young Seminole Indian uses his rattlesnake to take revenge on all those he believes have wronged him. In STANLEY, Tim Ochobee (Chris Robinson) loves snakes, especially rattlesnakes, which are his pals. Luckily, Tim lives deep in the Everglades, where he can live in his shack that resembles the snake house at the zoo. Tim only ventures into town in order to keep the local snake dancer (Marcia Knight) supplied w/ her slithery props. Tim's human friends worry about him, but Tim prefers his snake buddies. His best friend is Stanley, a rattler that Tim wears around his neck. Tim sleeps w/ Stanley too. When Stanley gets "married", Tim makes matching canopy beds for the "newlyweds" (!!). Alas, all is not blissful for Tim or his reptiles. Resident meany pants, Richard Thompkins (Joe Rocco) only wants snakes to fulfill his dream of a snakeskin belt empire. This leads to trouble when Thompkins and his cranially-impaired cronies become increasingly belligerent. Then, the snake dancer introduces a new, serpent-killing element to her performance, causing Tim to sail off his rocker for good!

Special features on disc include: 2 Documentary's - The making of Stanley, Everglades Revisited, Two Audio Commentaries, Still Gallery, and more.

Dolby Digital, Color, 108 minutes, Widescreen 1.85:1, Region free

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STANLEY Special Edition on DVD

Stanley will make your skin crawl.

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