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Twists of Terror DVD Rare imported Horror trilogy

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also known as Primal Scream

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Twists of Terror AKA Primal Scream

Stuck in the attic of his house, a paranoid recounts several different tales to an unknown listener in order to explain the dangers of the world:

The People You Meet - Out on a date, a couple are celebrating their anniversary when their car crashes and is run off the road, forcing them to ride with a stranger when he picks them up. When he and a friend take them to a cabin in the woods, they are tortured, but soon they realize that the allegiances of the kidnappers are a little more shaky than they thought.

The Clinic -Traveling through the countryside, a man finds himself attacked by a savage dog at a gas station and ends up at a nearby private clinic where a strange nurse tends to his wounds. Persistent in trying to leave, he tries to get out in order to go on with his day but manages to be prevented from knowing what's going on. Continuing to snoop around, he finds the real reason for the deadly game and tries to get out of the building alive.

Stolen Moments - Dating can be murder, especially for a beautiful, lonely woman and two handsome playboys.

Written by John Shirley, in color, Dolby Stereo, 90 minutes, Region 0

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Twists of Terror DVD Rare imported Horror trilogy

also known as Primal Scream

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