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Extreme Ghostbusters complete cartoons series...

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The Deathhead Virgin on DVD

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Chained for 100 years in a sunken tomb

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The Deathhead Virgin

While a treasure lies waiting in a sunken man-of-war...a nightmare sleeps on the ocean floor!

A fortune is said to be guarded by a terrifying legend, but two adventuresome buddies are ready to dive in...one will be possessed by the DEATHHEAD VIRGIN...the other must face a watery grave!

Filmed on location in the South Pacific, you'll meet the luscious island women, and with spectacular underwater photography, be taken beneath the warm, blue-green waters for a wave of blood-chilling horror! The shackled bones of the DEATHHEAD VIRGIN becomes supple, naked flesh...with revenge her only appetite! Hold your breath, and taste the terror...ass we drown you in a deadly sea of suspense!

90 minutes, rated R, 1974, Region 0, Dolby Digital

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The Deathhead Virgin on DVD

Chained for 100 years in a sunken tomb

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