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Extreme Ghostbusters complete cartoons series...

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Lensman dubbed in English DVD

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LENSMAN is classic SF storytelling

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Based on the E.E. "DOC" Smith novels that inspired STAR WARS and the GREEN LANTERN.

The Galactic Patrol, an inter-galactic police force in the 25th century, is pitted against the evil Boskone Horde. A dying Lensman entrusts young Kimball Kinnison with a mysterious Lens containing vital information needed to destroy the Boskone.

Outgunned and overmatched, the only hope for survival lies in the hands of The Lensmen - an elite corp of heroes who are able to tap into the cosmic power of the universe.

Dubbed in English, 107 minutes, Full Frame 4:3 aspect ratio, NTSC, color, region 0

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Lensman dubbed in English DVD

LENSMAN is classic SF storytelling

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