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Goliath Awaits DVD uncut version TV movie

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Trapped beneath the ocean for 40 years...what they fear most is rescue.

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Starring Eddie Albert, Mark Harmon, Frank Gorshin, John Carradine, Emma Samms, and Christopher Lee.

During World War II the passenger liner "Goliath" is sunk by a German submarine. Portions of the ship's hull remain airtight, and some of the passengers and crew survive. Over the decades they build a rigidly regulated society completely isolated from the surface world, until in contemporary times a diving team begins to explore the wreck.

Made for TV Movie, 194 minutes, uncut version, Rated G, 1981

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Goliath Awaits DVD uncut version TV movie

Trapped beneath the ocean for 40 years...what they fear most is rescue.

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great buy

This is not a review of the TV movie or of the relative merits of the uncut version vs the (as I understand it) heavily-edited version. Having read a number of reviews that covered those issues on other websites, I was looking for the uncut version in decent quality on DVD. There appeared to be only two possible sources to choose from, and I ordered a 2-DVD set from the other source first. Disc 1 played fine, but Disc 2 had a sort of static-y glitch every few seconds throughout, which was VERY annoying. So I decided to give this Media Collectibles (single-disc) DVD a try, and I'm very glad I did. The picture is not GREAT, but it is good. Sound is good too. And it's uncut! The disc is in a normal DVD case, not one of those cheapo slim or otherwise sub-par cases. It was well-packaged in a bubble envelope, and I received it within a few days of ordering it. All in all, an easy, problem-free purchase, and I recommend both this DVD of Goliath Awaits uncut, and Media Collectibles for their products and excellent customer service. Thank you!

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